Company Background

A MyRide Group Story

MyRide Group was founded with passion for car care. The founder, Calveen Chou started his humble passion as a part-time car washer in his teenage years, eventually starting a business with this passion. MyRide now celebrates its decade anniversary. This is the company's many milestones.



MyRide Auto Grooming was established with its first ever branch located in Jalan Negara, Taman Melawati. It is a landmark outlet offering accessible hand detailing services, the only one of its kind within a 10km radius. We offer a large variety of services comprising of 360 degrees car care from body to the smallest plastic details.



MyRide has been awarded 'Franchisor' status by Malaysia Franchise Association. We are the first car care business in Malaysia that is able to franchise and one of the few in the world of this category. We then proceeded to opened up 4 branches around Malaysia including Batu Caves, Taman Melawati, Wangsa Melawati, Kota Kemuning.



MyRide has acquired exclusive distributorship of Senshafor Malaysia. MyRide begun using its products commercially, and selling the products for other car care centres. This strategic partnership has also allowed MyRide to offer its highly sought after crystal coating to customers.



MyRide begun its first ever MyRide Autowash with its Pilot outlet located at Petronas Wangsa Melawati. In addition to that, MyRide has converted its branch in Wangsa Melawati to a full Sensha Japanese concept outlet. Its ultra detailed premium services is a timely answer to Malaysia's ever growing premium car care segment. MyRide Autogrooming rebranded to AutoDetailers.



4 branches of Autowash launches under collaboration with Petron and Petronas. MyRide also made the MyRide Detailers products commercially available, and Sensha distributions to e-commerce for consumer purchase. MyRide opened its first Australasia regional office in Australia.
Sensha has opened up in Johor Bharu. With MyRide performing stellarly, Sensha Japan has awarded MyRide the sole distributorship rights to Brunei